What is the Product Like / Why Should I Invest?

The Stock Playbook provides the individual investor with a daily briefing of the general markets and daily stock market ideas, either long or short depending on the overall trend of the market. As a member of the Stock Playbook you will obtain access to the following:

  • Daily emails with a short recap on the days recommendations
  • Daily “live” videos with our stock picks and trading advice
  • Daily detailed chart analysis of our favorite investment ideas
  • A market summary and look at the Dow, S&P 500 and Nasdaq
  • Expert entry points, exit points and stop loss levels to make money in any market
  • Undiscovered gems just starting to hit the radars of professional money managers
  • Education… Watch over my shoulder as I analyze stocks

My daily video helps you capitalize on market direction and educates you on how to trade using fundamental and technical analysis. With so many web sites claiming to be experts in market timing, I’m the only one who actually shows you why specific stocks and markets move higher and lower.


We want everyone to realize their goals of financial freedom. Our goal is to show you that successful stock trading is well within your reach. Our philosophy is that if we provide our customers with top notch stock market education and trade ideas they can do better for themselves trading stocks.

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