The Rookie

I only had a modest amount to invest, and I was apprehensive about calling a stock broker for advice for fear that they wouldn't help me if I didn't meet their minimum requirement. My friend Cindy recommended The Stock Playbook about 6 months ago and I began trading on my own. The thing I find most helpful are the tips on investing, when to buy or sell and what to look for when researching a company. I am much more comfortable investing now, and I've even been able to make a little money while learning.

-Leigh Anne Seagraves , Atlanta, GA

 Former Stockbrokers

I was a stock broker for almost 15 years, so I know a thing or two about investing in the stock market. The best part about The Stock Playbook is that all the research has already been done for me. You evaluate thousands of stocks and narrows it down to 10-12 per issue. You should set up an internet site to complement the newsletter, which I eagerly await each day. From options and growth companies to small caps with cutting edge technology, there is something for every type of investor.

-Bill Park, Long Island, NY bar

My second issue of The Stock Playbook was on 3/23/04. You probably wonder how I remember the date. It was my first foray back into the market since my broker lost most of my money when the market crashed in 2000. I own a deli here in NYC and have had many of my customers requesting I carry more energy drinks. This is the reason why I bought 500 shares of HANS when I saw your recommendation about them taking shelf space away from Pepsi and Coke. After the 2 for 1 split last month, I sold half of my position, which I bought for $6000 for $24,000 to pay for my daughters wedding. The other half I plan on keeping. If HANS runs back to $80, I will make back the $100K I lost in the market in 2000. Thanks for your help in restoring my faith in the stock market. I've enclosed my account statements for you to use as testimonial, if you'd like. Thanks.

-Syad Abed, New York, NY

 Thanks for all your help in navigating the markets. The question is not "are you a genius" but "when is the rest of the world going to figure it out"! You are like a Picasso sitting in someone's basement. I am so glad that I stumbled upon your service.

-Jackie, Jacksonville, Florida

The Modest Investor

Thanks for adding stocks under $10 to your newsletter. I like to play with the smaller priced stocks and you have given me a few gems...NSI now NTRI,ICCA and my favorite IFO, which I bought for $8.50 and sold at $20 in less than two months.

-Mike Samuelson, Retired and loving life in Sedona, AZ

Loyal Customers

I've been following The Stock Playbook for almost 2 years now, and I'm constantly amazed by the solid stock picks it recommends. Clearly, a lot of time and research goes into the selections, and I base many of my trading decisions on the recommendations made in The Stock Playbook.

-Edgar Ayerbe, Raleigh, NC

When my clients ask for advice about the stock market, I encourage them to check out The Stock Playbook. I enjoy the vast amount of research at your fingertips and the timeliness of the recommendations. I'm driven by statistics and results, so I like that The Stock Playbook provides a running report of the stocks it recommends so you can track the success of each pick.

-CPA, Orlando, FL


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