What Can I Expect?

The Stock Playbook provides the individual investor with a daily briefing of the general markets and daily stock market ideas, either long or short depending on the overall trend of the market. Dave Dispennette, CEO of the Stock Playbook has over 20 years experience navigating the stock market. He has spent the past seven years managing his own portfolio, as well as the portfolios of friends and family.


As a member of The Stock Playbook you will get:


  • Daily "live" videos with Dave's stock picks and trading commentary
  • Daily detailed chart analysis of Dave's favorite investment ideas
  • Bonus videos detailing earnings plays, stocks under $10 and stocks making new highs
  • Undiscovered gems just starting to hit the radars of professional money managers
  • And Much More...


Thanks for all your help in navigating the markets. The question is not "are you a genius" but "when is the rest of the world going to figure it out"! You are like a Picasso sitting in someone's basement. I am so glad that I stumbled upon your service.

-Jackie, Jacksonville, Florida

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